Youth in Action

Youth in Action is a program of the European Community, which provides opportunities for international cooperation for the youth of European countries, including Ukraine. With the support of the "Youth in Action" young people from Ukraine in cooperation with partners from other countries may participate in international youth exchanges and volunteer activities.


What are the objectives of the program? 


The "Youth in Action" is based on informal education and aims to promote active citizenship of young people in general and European citizenship in particular,  solidarity and tolerance among young people, especially for social cohesion in the European Union; strengthen mutual understanding between young people from different countries; promote the development of quality systems of the support of youth activities and sustainability of NGOs; promote the European cooperation in youth field. The main priorities of the "Youth in Action" is a European citizenship, social revitalization of youth, cultural diversity and involvement of young people with disabilities.


What financial support is available within the program?


Within the framework of the  program "Youth in Action" you can get financial support to organize international youth meetings, the European Volunteer Service, training, seminars and events to establish partnerships, study tours, internships and more. Prerequisite is the international character of activity. Joint projectsshould be submitted to the  national agencies of so-called Program countries (27 EU, 3 EFTA Member States and candidate countries for EU membership) and distributed among the partners in each country under the terms of the project. Project activities can occur in both Program and other (partner) countries, including Ukraine.


Where can I find information about the program?


For more information on the program "Youth in Action", please visit the European Commission or executive agencу websites.

Internet resource for the application of the "Youth in Action" (in Ukrainian).



Information representatives in Ukraine offer:

- Presentation of "Youth in Action" to interested audiences;
- Workshops on specific aspects of the Program;
- Consultations on specific issues of projects, which are undertaken or planned to be;
- Assistance in building partnerships.



Oksana Bondar, Center for European Information in Vinnytsia,
Yaryna Borenko, European Dialogue, Lviv,
Andriy Donets, Donetsk Debate Center, Donetsk,
Olena Yaremko, Academy of Ukrainian Youth, Lviv,