Network of European Information Centres


The Network of European Information Centres (CEI) is a regional (republic of Crimea, Kyiv and Sevastopol city) informational and educational resource center that provides free access to information about Europe, EU, aspects of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in order to promote European integration of Ukraine.


Centres provide  all stakeholders (students, teachers, journalists, businessmen, etc.) with the access to information resources and electronic databases of materials on the functioning of EU institutions and other European organizations, economics, politics, educational and cultural processes in Europe, learning opportunities, participation in scientific, youth and tons of other EU programs, the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, European values ​​and many other issues.

Centres have consultants who help visitors to find information.


Network of European Information Centres  is a voluntary association of Centres  which are led by the Statement of Network.


Network is established in order to support and coordinate sustainable and efficient operation of European Information Centres  in Ukraine. The basic principles of the Network is voluntary participation, openness, collegiality and equality of its members.


Network collaborates with NGOs, government bodies and organizations, which promote the implementation of goals and objectives of the Network, both in Ukraine and beyond its borders. 


Board of Network, headed by Chairman of the Board.

The Board of Network includes five representatives of the CEI Ukraine:


• Oksana Bondar (CEI Vinnitsa, Chairman of the Board, oksana.bondar.v @,

• Anna Desyatova (CEI Sumy, anna.desyatova @,

• Natalia Datchenko (CEI Lugansk,,

• Jaroslav Filyak (TSIYE Chernivtsi,,

• Tatiana Fedorova (CEI Kirovograd,


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