Volunteering activates and increases the awareness of European citizenship (4 participants)

Fundacja Mobilni Polacy is looking for volunteers to participate in the project „Volunteering activates and increases the awareness of European citizenship”.
The project will take place in Milicz (Poland, Lower Silesia),  from first week of January, 2014 and will endure for 1 year.
We need 4 volunteers:
One person to Municipality Milicz 
One person to District Milicz  
Two people to Milicz Association of Friends of Children and People with Disabilities 
Themes of the Project focus on working with young people, animation of local community, and working with disabled children and adults.
DEADLINE for sending application: November 30, 2013
More information:

Organization Info

Name: Fundacja Mobilni Polacy

Country: Poland

Town: Milicz

ZIP Code: 56-300

Phone: (+48) 794 588 206




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