Network of Pro-European Organizations of Ukraine


Creation of the network of pro-European organizations of Ukraine was proclaimed on May 19, 2006 by the participants of the First National Forum of pro-European organizations of Ukraine.


Work on the creation of the network was coordinated by initiative group. Since July 2006, the initiative group members distributed information about network, formed a database of organizations and conducted informational meetings in the regions.


During January - May 2007 the initiative group has conducted work on holding the Inaugurating Forum of Network, held on 14-15 June 2007 near Lviv city. Participants of the Inaugurating Forum (foundersof the Network) were 40 organizations that have decided to establish a network of pro-European organizations on the basis of the adopted statute. The Forum also worked out the Plan of Action of Network and elected governing bodies.


According to the approved Charter, the purpose of the Network is to consolidate the efforts of NGOs, which are aimed at promoting European values​​, informing about the European /Euro-Atlantic integration, the introduction of European standards of public life, experience exchange and cooperation at international, country, regional and local levels in order to implement Ukraine's European choice.



Council of the Network of Pro-European Organizations of Ukraine:
Oksana Bondar, Regional information center "Creative", Vinnytsia,
(0432) 524580,
Yaryna Borenko, (Chairman of the Board), European Dialogue, Lviv,
(032) 2971857,
Oleg Goncharenko, Network of  Internet education, Sumy,
(0542) 650488,
Andrey Donets, (Coordinator of) Donetsk Youth Debate Centre, Donetsk,
(062) 3859839,
Jaroslav Kychuk, "Good Will", Ismail
(04841) 57242,
Alexander Koval,  Association of Social and Cultural Development of Society "Panoniya", Uzhgorod,
(0312) 616669,
Tatiana Miroshnikov, Kharkiv Public Foundation for Local Democracy, Kharkiv,
(057) 7710792,
Jaroslav Filyak,  "Ukrainian National Home in Chernivtsi", Chernivtsi,
(0372) 528059,
Vladimir Sheyhus, Eastern Ukrainian Resource Center "Social Partnership", Donetsk,
(062) 3498290,