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Information and Analytical Center Civic Space

Country: Ukraine

City: Kyiv

Address: 3 Hmyri St., Office 140, Kyiv 02140, Ukraine

Phone: 38 (044) 572 93 37




Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook

The main purpose of IAC “Civic Space” activity is promotion of development of Ukrainian civil society by means of information-communicative technologies, internet tools, creation and dissemination of information products (resources, database etc.) on order to increase influence of public sector in Ukraine. Among rights, that organization can actualize is committed and organizational support of other civil communities. 

IAC ‘Civic Space’ permanently cooperates with Ukrainian civil organizations, provides information support, and encourages the extension of their NGOs’ initiatives, closer cooperation and discussions on draft laws. The Center is a reliable information channel for Ukrainian stakeholders.

Projects in the Sphere of European Integration:

European Space: Portal for pro-European civil society of Ukraine’ ( Analytical and background information on European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. Portal is supported and managed by IAC ‘Civic Space’. Portal was developed in 2007.

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