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Demos Centre

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Address: Maloroseyka St. 9, building 2, office 34, 101000 Moscow

Phone: +7 495 984 66 87




Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook

The DEMOS centre was founded in January 2004 by the Moscow Helsinki Group and by several leading human rights activists. DEMOS’ mission is to help Russian civic society resolve its most pressing social problems.

DEMOS provides informative and expert-analytical support to Russian and international non-governmental organizations, research centers and official state agencies. We assist our human rights colleagues and interested parties to orientate themselves in a fast-flowing stream of information, and to adapt to circumstances in which both electronic and printed mass media publications push the problems of democracy and human rights to one side. We closely follow the dynamic human rights and democratic situation in Russia; carry out in-depth research into the more acute problems in these areas; introduce progressive strategies and approaches to analytical research; develop complex recommendations; and bring the results of our work to the attention of state structures and the public. The work of the DEMOS Centre is carried out together with a specially formed expert network of regional NGOs.

Our current thematic priorities are: the humanitarian problems in conflict zones, arbitrariness and violence in the work of state organs and the adoption of international standards in the field of human rights. The team at the DEMOS Centre is composed of young humanitarians with considerable experience in the human rights movement. They see the introduction of modern methods and technology into the traditional work of civic organizations as one of their main aims.

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