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Tusk: Ukraine's future is a mirror image of the European Union's future

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Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, addressed today the annual EU ambassadors' conference. In his address he focused, inter alia, on relations with Ukraine and dramatic migrants' crisis faced by the EU.

"When President Poroshenko visited Brussels last week, it was an opportunity to review the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and our response. The new call to respect the ceasefire, in place since Tuesday, and the vitally important deal on debt reduction for Ukraine are very welcome. Let us hope for the proper implementation of the Minsk agreement, which has come dangerously close to falling apart over the past few months. The latest dramatic events in Kiev only prove how difficult the process has been," Tusk said.

"Of course, I am pleased that the Union has maintained its unity on the sanctions imposed on Russia after the illegal annexation of Crimea. The way forward is to re-double our efforts to support the reform process in Ukraine and to resist attempts to destabilize the country. Ukraine's case is a test of Europe's fundamental values in the neighbourhood. Countries in the region are watching to see whether sovereign borders can be violated, because this has huge implications for their own security. They want to know whether the future is the rule of law, or the mix of muscle and corruption they have known in the past. Ukraine's future is a mirror image of the European Union's future as a global actor," he added.

Addressing the migrants issue he said that the EU "will fulfill our responsibilities under the UN refugee convention". "But that cannot be done if we sacrifice public order in the process", he said. "I am now working with the Presidency and with leaders to build a new consensus between governments on how the Union responds to sudden influxes of asylum seekers". "Some member States are thinking about containing the wave of migration... Others expect greater solidarity in advocating inter alia a so-called obligatory basis for quotas", he said.

Read the full text of Tusk's address

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