NATO Secretary General announces dates for 2016 Warsaw Summit

NATO Secretary General: "I am happy to announce that the next NATO Summit will take place on 8-9 July, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland".

This Summit comes at a crucial time for the Alliance, as the tectonic plates of Euro-Atlantic security have shifted both in the East and the South. We are already implementing the biggest reinforcement of our collective defence since the end of the Cold War. In Warsaw, we will chart the course for the Alliance’s adaptation to the new security environment, so that NATO remains ready to defend all Allies against any threat from any direction.

We will build on our valuable work with partner nations and organisations to keep our neighbourhood stable. We will stress our long-term commitment to Afghanistan through the Enduring Partnership. And we will further strengthen the bond between Europe and North America on which our Alliance is founded.

Poland has been a staunch Ally since it joined in 1999, as part of the historic enlargement that helped heal the division across Europe. Poland is committed to strong defence and makes a vital contribution to Allied solidarity. I warmly welcome Poland’s offer to host our meeting and I look forward to a very successful Summit in July 2016.

Ngang  |  12-52-2015
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Branden  |  12-40-2015
I am not sure if NATO wants to be perceived as a cool mirilaty alliance but it definitely tries to reach its target audiences with scenes and locations they can identify with. In this way, NATO is not only be seen as an inviolable institution that fights for peace and stability somewhere abroad but as a partner or friend that is at your side in case of war or conflicts.Maybe the three spots of the online campaign get a different fedback in the United States, but as a German student I could imagine that Europeans will not like the spots.To make that clear, I like how the spots are made although the style of each spot is very aggressive and plays with a strong confrontation of anxiety and joy. The message is “We want you to live in peace and security and we will fight for that all over the world“ which definitely needs a strong concept to be transferred to the public. In this way, it is not the design that holds me back from sending the videos to my friends or post them on my Facebook profile.It is the topic “war” itself that scares me and that I, based on German history, try to avoid. I cannot connect it with something good, but only with death and destruction.In this way, I am wondering if the three spots get the same feedback in all 26 NATO-member countries and how intense the cultural background of each country impacts the perception of the ads. That would be an interesting point for more research.
Mohamed  |  13-19-2015
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Shofi  |  13-19-2015
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Dalal  |  14-03-2015
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