Fellowships Research & Experience II

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Eduardo  |  12-51-2015
Hello.My name is Gina. I am a libertarian along w ith most of my fimaly.I am devastated after Tuesday\'s win for BHO & am beyond baffled by all of the people that are still fooled by this man. I spend hours every day bouncing from feelings of anger to being deeply saddened by the current an future States of my country. I am a young person (under 30) and the majority of people that I met in their twenties are supporters. I believe that people are becoming more aware, many are becoming more brain washed. My mother told me that people aren\'t ready for Ron Paul. I find this heat breaking and annoying. She w obviously right, but the severity of our current situation is growing and I Inksometimes fear that the doc can\'t bring back dead. We desperately need America to wake up. Dr. Ron Paul, God bless you sir Thank you for being such a hero and voice of freedom.
Rocio  |  13-30-2015
Hi Collin and family,Bob and I would like to wish all of you a very blsseed Christmas. It is always fascinating to browse in your store. Many I don\'t know what to gift s have been answered with ease at Fyfe\'s. But most of all, a super, duper thank you goes out to you and your staff at the pharmacy section for the caring and professional way we have been treated over the years.Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year to all.Lori Lehmann and Bob Mounce
Princ  |  14-13-2015
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Flip  |  21-13-2016
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Darold  |  21-17-2016
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Delores  |  22-11-2016
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