Decentralization reform discussed in Odesa

EU Delegation to Ukraine

On July 23, 2015 Odesa held an information meeting on functional decentralization in Ukraine for local governments and NGOs within the EU-funded project "Support to local government reform in Ukraine".

The information meeting aimed to facilitate implementation of the “Concept of reforming local government and territorial organization in Ukraine”, which will accelerate decentralization of the government in Ukraine.

The event was launched in the "open mic" format where participants of the meeting expressed their views on local government reform and the role of communities and citizens in the process of decentralization.

Meeting format provided an active exchange of views on the ongoing reform of local governance and decentralization in Ukraine, and the practice of law on communities associations.

During the panel discussion experts briefly presented the basic principles of the draft laws on decentralization reform. Participants together with experts tried to find out causes of community problems and generate solutions that enable communities and regions to embark on reform today.

Following the meeting a training on "Practical Aspects of decentralization and the formation of viable communities” was held for representatives of Odesa region NGOs. The participants of the training worked on seven topics, such as: "Common approaches for building public authority"; "Perspective plan for capable communities’ formation"; "Fiscal Decentralization", "Instruments and financial resources for territorial development" and others. At the end of the training course all the participants got rewarding certificates.

Anatoliy Tkachuk, head of strategic group on decentralization, director of science and development of Institute of civil society and the leading trainer of the course, stressed that “it is necessary to exercise the responsibility for your own future, to provide improved infrastructure and stability of land for your community in the future”.

Andriy Ginkul, project manager, added, that “by uniting efforts of NGOs, communities, local authorities, Ukrainian and international experts, and by involving EU grants, the project team is working to support decentralization, empowerment of communities and formation of effective public authority”.

Similar informational meetings and training courses have already been held in Kyiv and Lviv regions. In other regions, namely Ivano-Frankivsk, Donetsk and Luhansk, events will take place later this year.

For additional information, contact project manager Lesya Ladohubets: tel / fax .: + 38 0! 44 2537236, mob. +38 050 2944442 or by e-mail:

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