25-06-2015 Armenia | Eastern Partnership | Human Rights | EU

The EaP CSF Steering Committee demands the immediate cessation of any persecution of Armenian peaceful protesters.

29-04-2014 Ukraine | Belarus | Moldova | Georgia | Armenia | Adaptation of Legislation | Cross-Border Cooperation | Eastern Partnership | Humanitarian and Social Issues | Human Rights | Politics & Policies | EU | Azerbaijan

On April 17 the publication Freedom of Speech in the Eastern Partnership countries 2013 was presented. This publication is the outcome of the first year of the project ENP East Media Freedom Watchs implementation which covers six EP countries. During the presentation experts listed the frontrunners and outsiders of the rating.

28-04-2014 Ukraine | Belarus | Moldova | Georgia | Armenia | Cross-Border Cooperation | Eastern Partnership | EU Foreign Policy | Politics & Policies | EU | Azerbaijan

Now is the time to show an even stronger, more determined, and resolute commitment to the Eastern Partnership, Commissioner for enlargement and European neighbourhood policy Štefan Füle said in Prague today, in his opening remarks to the Prague High Level Meeting marking the fifth the anniversary of the Eastern Partnership (EaP).

09-04-2014 Ukraine | Armenia | Cross-Border Cooperation | Eastern Partnership | Human Rights | Institutional Issues | EU

Armenian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) is deeply concerned with the programmes and reports overtly propagating xenophobia and spawning hatred between nations, broadcasted by Russian TV channels Russia 1 and the First Channel which are rebroadcasted in the Republic of Armenia on the basis of intergovernmental agreements. This phenomenon has become more evidential in the context of recent political developments around Ukraine.

17-10-2013 Moldova | Georgia | Armenia | Energy Issues | EU

Armenia, Georgia and Moldova can expect a significant boost for their efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions, by becoming full members of the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P).

08-10-2013 Ukraine | Russia | Belarus | Moldova | Georgia | Armenia | Eastern Partnership | Politics & Policies | EU | Azerbaijan

The countries in both Russia and the European Union's neighbourhood are commonly known as the post-Soviet states. However, as their Soviet past becomes more distant, their future horizons remain unclear. Apart from declarations, none of the Eastern Partnership countries have pursued a determined long-term perspective or aim.

08-10-2013 Ukraine | Belarus | Moldova | Georgia | Armenia | Eastern Partnership | Azerbaijan

Ten key resolutions and statements were adopted during the 5th Civil Society Forum last week during the productive two-day event in Chisinau with more than 250 participants from 28 countries. Two panel discussions, five working groups and over sixteen subgroups worked on major policy issues concerning developments in EaP countries. During the panels the participants discussed the context of Association Agreements before and after the Summit in Vilnius and worked on assessing reform processes in EaP countries by presenting European Integration Index and Road Map Monitoring of EaP countries.

12-09-2013 Ukraine | Russia | Belarus | Moldova | Georgia | Armenia | Azerbaijan

The Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius is fast approaching. It promises to mark a momentous step forward in our political association and economic integration with several of our eastern European neighbours. Clearly - and wrongly - this is seen in some quarters as a threat. As a result, we have seen enormous pressure being brought to bear upon some of our partners.

11-09-2013 Ukraine | Georgia | Armenia | Eastern Partnership | EU | Analytics

The Lithuania Tribune presents an analysis of the current situation in the EU Eastern Partnership countries by Gediminas Kirkilas, the Vice-Speaker of the Lithuanians Seimas and the Chairman of the European Affairs Committee.

05-09-2013 Ukraine | Belarus | Moldova | Georgia | Armenia | Eastern Partnership | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | Third Sector | Azerbaijan

The European Integration Index for Eastern Partnership Countries will track the progress of Eastern Partnership (EaP) countriesArmenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraineon an annual basis. It provides a nuanced cross-country and cross-sector picture that is comparative.

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