03-10-2013 Russia | Politics & Policies | EU

In recent weeks, a great deal of attention has been placed on the Kremlin's attempts to pressure the former Soviet states of the Ukraine, Moldova, and Armenia into its new customs union by threatening their economic and political stability.

03-10-2013 Russia | Eastern Partnership | Politics & Policies | EU

Russian President Vladimir Putin has had some success recently using his support for the Assad regime in Syria to strengthen Moscows position in the Middle East. But his progress on this front is much less important than Moscows growing troubles in its near abroad, as it refers to the strategically vital area to its immediate west.

03-10-2013 Russia | Energy Issues | EU

The European Union says it is preparing to charge Russian energy giant Gazprom with abusing its dominant position in Central and Eastern Europe.

30-09-2013 Ukraine | Russia | USA | Eastern Partnership | Politics & Policies

WASHINGTON -- A senior U.S. lawmaker says Washington "should not countenance" an apparent increase in Russian pressure on its neighbors as they seek closer ties with the European Union.

23-09-2013 Ukraine | Russia | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | Politics & Policies

A senior Russian official has issued a strong warning to Ukraine against signing a trade and cooperation agreement with the European Union.

18-09-2013 Ukraine | Russia | Belarus | Georgia

Belarusian strongman Alyaksandr Lukashenka usually manages to stay out of global headlines; except for a few bouts of bad behaviour which serve to remind us that he is indeed Europes last dictator. In late 2010, on the eve of his re-election to a third term, Lukashenka ordered the arrest of his competitors along with some 600 protestors in a crackdown that drew broad international criticism.

12-09-2013 Ukraine | Russia | Belarus | Moldova | Georgia | Armenia | Azerbaijan

The Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius is fast approaching. It promises to mark a momentous step forward in our political association and economic integration with several of our eastern European neighbours. Clearly - and wrongly - this is seen in some quarters as a threat. As a result, we have seen enormous pressure being brought to bear upon some of our partners.

13-02-2013 Ukraine | Russia | Energy Issues | EU

In connection with reaction of the Secretariat of Energy Community on statements of leaders of Ukraine with regards to urgency to strengthen interaction between Ukraine and Energy Community, the MFA of Ukraine considers appropriate to state the following.

11-02-2013 Ukraine | Russia | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | EU

Currently, there are all preconditions for signing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement with in 2013, foreign minister of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara said during the National Expert Forum "Ukraine-2013. Forecast", ForUm correspondent reports.

06-02-2013 Ukraine | Russia | Energy Issues | EU

Ukraine complained on Wednesday that it had received little or no support from European countries in its face-off with Russia over the price of its gas imports and a $7 billion Russian bill.

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