28-11-2014 Ukraine | Russia | Politics & Policies | Security | EU

The Council has reinforced EU restrictive measures against separatists operating in Eastern Ukraine, as requested by the Foreign Affairs Council of 17 November. 13 persons and five entities involved in action against Ukraine's territorial integrity will be subject to an asset freeze and an EU travel ban.

18-11-2014 Ukraine | Russia | Politics & Policies | Security | EU

Russia is both a "part of the problem" and "part of the solution" in Ukraine according to the European Union.

18-11-2014 Ukraine | Russia | Politics & Policies | Security | NATO

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on November 18 that there has been a "serious military buildup" both in conflict-torn eastern Ukraine and on the Russian side of the border, and urged Moscow to pull back its forces.

13-11-2014 Ukraine | Russia | Security | EU

The US has accused Russia of undermining a ceasefire in Ukraine after reports of Russian troops and military hardware entering the country.

07-11-2014 Russia | Economic Issues | EU

The Russian ruble fell to new lows against the dollar and the euro early on November 7.

31-10-2014 Ukraine | Russia | Energy Issues | EU

After seven rounds of gas negotiations, last night's talks moderated by Günther H. Oettinger, Vice-President of the European Commission, yielded finally a breakthrough: A 4,6 billion dollar winter package, agreed by Russia and Ukraine, secures gas for Ukraine - and ultimately also for Europe.

30-10-2014 Ukraine | Russia | Politics & Policies | EU

EU deplores Minister Lavrov's remarks about Russia's forthcoming recognition of the elections "on the territory of the proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics" in the context of the implementation of the Minsk Protocol.

17-10-2014 Ukraine | Russia | USA | Economic Issues | Energy Issues | EU

Russian President Vladimir Putin flew into Milan last night for peace talks with European Union leaders after threatening to cut the supply of natural gas through Ukraine if the government in Kiev diverts fuel for domestic use.

25-09-2014 Ukraine | Russia | Politics & Policies | Security | EU

Ukraine's prime minister has urged the West not to lift sanctions on Russia until his country regains control of all its territory.

18-09-2014 Ukraine | Russia | USA | Politics & Policies | Security

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is to begin a key visit to the US to seek further support to tackle what he describes as Russian aggression.

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