16-12-2014 Ukraine | Poland | Humanitarian and Social Issues

The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced the plans of Polish Government to send humanitarian convoy on the East of Ukraine. Poland will spend 1 mln USD to utfit humanitarian aid.

09-10-2014 Ukraine | Poland | Third Sector

Today Ukraine needs help from democratic countries and civil societies. We owe this help to the country where Shevchenko`s portrait is hanged in every house, where his freedom poetry is read and sang by almost every citizen.

29-08-2014 Poland | Politics & Policies | EU

Remarks by President Herman Van Rompuy following the decision of the European Council to elect a new European Council President and to appoint a new EU High Representative:

21-08-2014 Poland | Russia | Economic Issues | Politics & Policies | EU

It's promising to be one of Poland's best apple harvests since records began. There has been plenty of rain and just the right amount of sunshine.

16-07-2014 Ukraine | Poland | Politics & Policies | Security | EU

A Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian military brigade UkrPolLytBryh may be created in the near future, President Poroshenkos press service announced, July 14, after his telephone discussion with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

14-07-2014 Ukraine | Poland | Politics & Policies | Security | EU

Speaking at the European Parliaments debate on the situation in Ukraine, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski MEP (EPP, Poland), EPP Group Vice-Chairman responsible for External Relations said:

29-05-2014 Ukraine | Poland | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | EU

Poland is putting forward its foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, to replace Catherine Ashton as the European Union's foreign policy chief.

31-03-2014 Ukraine | Poland | Cross-Border Cooperation | Economic Issues

As was reported, a group of polish experts arrived on March 31 to Ukraine on the invitation of the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Building and Housing and Communal Services Volodymyr Hroysman with an aim to assist in realization of local self-government reforming. They have discussed with the Ukrainian party the action plan and determined top priority issues. In the first place, it concerns preparation of a legislative basis for advancing the reform.

03-09-2013 Poland | Eastern Partnership | Economic Issues | Youth

Youth entrepreneurship in Poland and Europe will be a leading theme of 8th Economic Forum of Young Leaders, which will lasts from 3 to 6 September 2013 in Nowy Sącz.

27-01-2013 Ukraine | Poland | Cross-Border Cooperation | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU

Development of strategic partnership with Poland will continue occupying a prominent place among foreign policy priorities of Ukraine.

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