28-07-2015 Ukraine | The Council of Europe | Analytics | Information Materials

Council of Europe anti-torture Committee publishes Ukrainian response to the report on the measures taken to investigate ill-treatment of detained persons by law enforcement officials during the Maidan events in Kyiv.

12-02-2014 Ukraine | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | EU | Analytics

After Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Ukraine last July, U.S. diplomats got a private recap of the message he delivered behind closed doors to the country's leaders. Ukraine, Putin warned, would not be allowed to stray from Moscow's orbit.

27-01-2014 Ukraine | Third Sector | Analytics

As many international journalists addressed us to clarify the situation in Ukraine, we decided to publish the following brief account of key developments of the last days.

17-12-2013 Ukraine | Analytics

TO the casual observer, it might seem as if Ukrainians are permanently in revolt. Huge street protests in 2004-5, known as the orange revolution, led to the overturning of a rigged election result and the installation of leaders who promised cleaner, better government. Now hundreds of thousands of people have again taken to the streets of Kiev and other cities, demanding, well, a new election and cleaner government (among other things). There were big protests in the years before the orange revolution, and have been regular street eruptions between it and the current bout. What is Ukraines problem?

17-12-2013 Ukraine | Analytics

Ukraine's opposition appears confident and shows no sign of relenting in its standoff with the government. The government has made some gestures toward the opposition, rejected some of its main demands and is opaque on another. In the fourth week of the crisis, a look at each side's strengths and weaknesses as the dispute extends into the depths of winter.

07-12-2013 Ukraine | Other | EU | Analytics

Would anyone anywhere in the world be willing to take a truncheon in the head for the sake of a trade agreement with the United States? This is the question we Americans might be asking ourselves these last few days, as we watch young Ukrainians being beaten in Kiev for protesting their own governments decision not to enter an association agreement with the European Union. The accord, which was to be signed on November 29, offered Ukraine access to the worlds largest market. But more importantly, it seemed to hold out to Ukraines youth and middle classes a symbolic assurance that a future of normal, civilized, European life awaited. When that promise was not kept, thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets of their capital. After some of them were assaulted by riot police on November 30, hundreds of thousands more have gone into the streets, in Kiev and around the country.

11-11-2013 Ukraine | Cross-Border Cooperation | EU | Analytics

Disregard what will happen at the EU`s Eastern Partner ship Summit at the end of November, Vilnius is about to bring both an achievement and important lessons to learn. The Vilnius Summit will accomplish the original mission - to give a European perspective to the region. Part of this achievement is due to the rapidly changed paradigm of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP): the South, one time priority of the French Presidency of the EU, is now burning in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. But there is too much hype instead of the hope that Vilnius should bring.

25-10-2013 Ukraine | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | EU | Analytics

Ukraine, to its sorrow, has always been on the frontier between Russia and the rest of Europe. Its name even means Borderlands. For centuries it was partitioned between its neighbours. When it gained its independence from the collapsing Soviet Union it was politically and linguistically divided between the Ukrainian-speaking West and the Russian-speaking East. Many observers in the early 1990s expected it to fall apart sooner or later. The first line of its national anthem seemed grimly appropriate: "Ukraine has not yet died".

11-09-2013 Ukraine | Georgia | Armenia | Eastern Partnership | EU | Analytics

The Lithuania Tribune presents an analysis of the current situation in the EU Eastern Partnership countries by Gediminas Kirkilas, the Vice-Speaker of the Lithuanians Seimas and the Chairman of the European Affairs Committee.

07-06-2013 Ukraine | Economic Issues | WTO | Analytics

In five years of membership in the World Trade Organisation, Ukraine failed to use the means of this organisation to protect its interests, stated Director of Economic Programmes of the Razumkov Centre Vasyl Yurchyshyn in his comment for the Tyzhden magazine.

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