20-08-2012 Ukraine | Economic Issues | Institutional Issues | Politics & Policies | EU | Information Materials

A group of experts of the International Monetary Fund will arrive in Ukraine on August 29, statement of the Resident IMF representative in Ukraine Max Alier says.

15-08-2012 Ukraine | Adaptation of Legislation | Politics & Policies | EU | Information Materials

The members of Ukrainian National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum are deeply concerned about the critical situation regarding the scale of corruption in Ukraine and its impact on social processes. Thus, in 2011 68 % of Ukrainian citizens were involved into corruption-related activities, though they admitted corruption is one of three most important problems of the state.

02-07-2012 Ukraine | Politics & Policies | EU | Information Materials

On July 2, the Ministry of Justice issued order 968/5 on the creation of republican, oblast and municipal legal aid centers in Ukraine.

30-03-2012 Ukraine | Human Rights | Law | Politics & Policies | EU | Information Materials

The European Union and Ukraine are gathering in Brussels to initial an association agreement, with the bloc still refraining from finalizing the pact over objections to the jailing of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

11-01-2012 Ukraine | History of European Integration | Human Rights | Law | Multi-Sectoral Partnership | Politics & Policies | EU | Analytics

On 19 December, the 15th EU-Ukraine Summit officially concluded negotiations over Ukraines Association Agreement. Yet no deal was reached, as the EU refrained from actually initialing the document. The event can hardly be called a summit in the full sense of the word. It was more a meeting that took place behind closed doors between the three presidents Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine, Jose Manuel Barroso of the EU Commission, and Herman van Rompuy of the European Council and attended by two interpreters. The face-to-face discussion took four hours, but details of the conversation were not made public.

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