Ukrainian European Studies Association


The aim of the Association is to promote development of interdisciplinary research of European integration processes in Ukraine and protection of the common legal interests of its members (Article 2.1. Statute of Association).


The mission of Association is to be a national institution of civil society in Ukraine, which promotes the European choice through the development of European Studies. The Association encourages the involvement of all stakeholders in the development of scientific promotion through the principles of transparency, democratic decision-making and extensive information sharing about events.




The Association has a fixed individual membership. Researchers and teachers of European Studies, as well as practitioners dealing with European integration can become participants. President of Ukrainian Association of European Studies Professor Roman Petrov represents the Association in front of the World Association of European Studies. At the invitation of the President of the World Association  prof. Mark Porto, Ukrainian specialists on European integration for the first time have been included in the international directory "Who's who in European integration".


Terms of accession

The Association is open to new members, as well as ongoing dialogue with other pro-European non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, governments, media and business associations in order to consolidate efforts of all those interested and working in the field of European integration.


President of Ukrainian Association of European Studies -  Professor Roman Petrov