EuroClubs Network - Ukraine


The purpose of the Ukrainian Network of European lubs is to contribute to Euroclubs coordination of their activities, as well as comprehensive information, methodological and organizational support for the movement of European and Euro-Atlantic clubs in Ukraine.


Ukraine has about 1,000 Euroclubs. Most Euroclubs do not carry out permanent activities, some function sporadically. However, there are also those that are centers of Europeanization of their local communities, the driving force of European integration of Ukraine at the next to citizens level of "grass roots".


Euroubs in Ukraine became widespread since mid-1990s with the support of the Delegation of the European Commission in Ukraine, contribution of many non-governmental organisations and donors.


Ukrainian Network of Eurolubs is a network initiative of Ukrainian civil society organization "Ukrainian European Studies Association" (UESA), which is open to all who contribute to strengthening of the capacity of European and Euro-Atlantic clubs in Ukraine.



At the UESA's initiative, imformation exchange between Euroclubs started, a database created and a listserve organised.