Vilnius euromaidan in support of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

| Liubov Akulenko

Ukrainian civic activists, oppositional politicians, journalists and representatives of Ukrainian diaspora in Lithuania will organize a rally “Vilnius #euromaidan” in support of Association Agreement signing at the Vilnius Summit. The rally will be held on November 28th at 5:30 p.m. at the Grand Courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Duke (Katedros sq. 4).

The participants of the rally want to announce the wish of Ukrainian people to the Heads of European states/governments to reach a historic agreement with the EU on closer relations despite breaking of talks on the pact. They will also present the President of Ukraine Viktor Janykovych with a creative installation which was made of hundreds of pens gathered all around Ukraine, symbolizing the wish of Ukrainian people to sign the Association Agreement.

Note to editors:


On November 21st following the Ukraine’s Government's decision to stop European Union integration and suspend pursuit of an association agreement Ukrainians came out to the Independence Square in Kyiv, where the 2004 Orange Revolution took place, in order to support the signing of the Association Agreement at the upcoming EaP Summit. This was the birth of the #euromaidan in Ukraine. The next day dozens of #euromaidans appeared all over the country.


On November 24th the largest rally since the 2004 Orange Revolution took place in Kyiv and attracted approx. 150,000 people supporting Ukraine’s European choice.


#Euromaidan will remain till November 29th with demand to the President of Ukraine to sign the Association Agreement with the EU.


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