Training course Art as civic action

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The theme of the training is how art can benefit to constructive political discussions. We will concentrate on ways how to make the public aware of European issues through an artistic approach.

Date: 6/10/2014 – 13/10/2014 
Countries: 24 participants from 5 countries - Germany, Serbia, Moldova, Greece, and 
Place: Berlin (Germany), hosting organization “Citizens of Europe” 
Working language: English 
Participants’ profile: 
Our targets are multipliers engaged youth workers active in the artistic and political sphere. We are focusing on strengthening the competencies of people engaged in the youth work with emphasis on creative thinking, artistic possibility in the political sphere and the need of European solidarity, preferable people with background in art, cultural management, art criticism, artist themselves, cultural activists. 
100% of accommodation and basic food, 70% of your travel cost are covered by the project (The costs of taxis and private car are not reimbursable), 100% visa costs. Participation fee in the program – 35 Euros 
If you have more questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to write to: 
or to call: +380634433659 Valentyna Zalevska