Strategy for promoting civil participation in decision-making in Ukraine

The Civil Society Division of the Council of Europe has the pleasure and the honour of inviting you to take part in an Evaluation and strategic planning meeting.

Within the framework of its co-operation with Ukraine, the Council of Europe is implementing a project entitledImmediate Measures Package. The Civil Society Component of this package aims to institutionalise effective civil participation in decision-making processes and to make it sustainable.

An important expected result of this component is a Strategy for promoting civil participation in decision-making in Ukraine. In preparation of the strategy, the Civil Society Division strives to work in consultation and close co-operation with all stakeholders, notably civil society and the authorities. The process is in its first stage, where a group consisting of Ukrainian and international experts is preparing a paper containing elements for discussion at an Evaluation and strategic planning meeting to be held in Kyiv on 24-25 November 2014.

The participants in the meeting are expected to discuss the paper, modify it as appropriate and pass it on to a multi-stakeholder group agreed upon by the participants. Based on the paper, the multi-stakeholder group will draft a strategy for promoting civil participation in decision-making in Ukraine.

At the final stage, the draft strategy would be discussed and agreed upon at a High-level round-table in Kyiv on 8-9 December 2014. The Council of Europe is aiming to start implementing the strategy in 2015 in co-operation with the civil society and the authorities in Ukraine.