Leadership Education and Development Programme 2015

| LEAD Programme

Leadership, Education And Development (LEAD) Programme is an academic project providing talented Ukrainian students with an opportunity to spend ten days in London in order to gain exposure to and insight into the professional environment, work ethics and corporate culture of the UK’s public and private institutions.

During the course of the programme we aim to: 
► Familiarise participants with the workings of public and private institutions in the United Kingdom. 
► Organise targeted training in subject areas that would be particularly useful in the public sector jobs in Ukraine (e.g. municipal governance, lobbying, and project management).
► Provide opportunities for networking and information sharing with corporate professionals, public officers, students and peers. 
► Create opportunities to apply acquired knowledge and skills in the public sector institutions and government bodies upon return to Ukraine. 
► Maintain contact with our alumni, providing them with further mentoring.

We are looking forward to welcoming the best and the brightest of the applicants in London for a 10-day long programme that will help to jump-start their careers through hands-on experience and professional training.

LEAD 2015 Program Brochure with eligibility requirements and application process explanation.

Application form is accessible HERE