Journalists on Location: Media Projects Central Europe, Eastern Europe and China

| Robert Bosch Stiftung

Europe is expanding politically and in our minds. Pictures and reports by journalists are helping fill the gaps in our mental map as we become acquainted with countries like Estonia, Georgia and Moldova.

One of the aims of the Robert Bosch Stiftung is to give journalists opportunity to conduct research abroad and thereby gain firsthand experience of central and eastern European countries they can then pass on to their readers and viewers.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports professional dedication to the promotion of good relations between Germany and its eastern neighbors. Funding is available to media projects involving journalists from Eastern and Western Europe designed to improve the flow of information between Germany and its eastern neighbors. Applications for funding for projects like information tours, conferences and seminars may be submitted at any time. At least one other funding organization should be involved.

Furthermore research projects are supported carried out by one journalist or an international team with the goal of publishing articles in Central and Eastern Europe and China, as well as in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Amplifying the programmatic focus, applications for Sino-German media projects are welcome.