International photo contest under Eastern Partnership Culture Programme

| Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

GURT Resource Centre (Ukraine) in cooperation with the partner organizations from Armenia announced International photo contest Diversity in my Community. The contest is part of the Equal opportunities for national minorities and disadvantaged groups in realizing cultural rights: richness through diversity project financed by the European Union under the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.


The aim of this contest is to reflect and raise awareness of the importance of cultural diversity in local community development in Ukraine and Armenia. 

Community leaders, bloggers, professional and amateur photographers are invited to present photos of any genre. 

Selection criteria

Topics of photos:

- illustrate and reflect cultural diversity in local community development in Ukraine and Armenia;

- demonstrate inclusiveness of culture minorities in local community development in Ukraine and Armenia;

- promote community cooperation, social responsibility and participation in creative way.

Each participant can submit up to three photos.

Photos must be in digital format. No print or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this contest.

Photos must be sent by the following e-mail address and titled “Diversity”:

The deadline for submitting entries: 1 June 2013.

The Eastern Partnership Culture Programme aims at assisting the Partner Countries in their cultural policy reform at government level, as well as capacity building and improving professionalism of cultural operators in the region. The Programme seeks to support regional initiatives which demonstrate positive cultural contributions to economic development, social inclusion, conflict resolution and intercultural dialogue. The Programme’s budget is worth EUR 12 million.