EU Study Days 7th session

On 2 April the 7th session of EU Study Days, an educational project of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, will be launched in Odesa. The initiative aims at providing Ukrainian students a! nd recent graduates with deeper and broader knowledge about the EU in general and its relations with Ukraine in particular

The 7th session of EU Study Days will take place in Odesa on 2 - 6 April. The event will bring together 40 students and recent graduates from south Ukraine selected through an open competition. The participants will attend lectures on current issues in EU-Ukraine relations delivered by officials from the EU Delegation to Ukraine as well as the country’s leading experts. The EU Study Days will cover political, economic, legal, energy and visa-related and security aspects of EU-Ukraine relations. The session will also pay particular attention to the prospects of the EU-Ukraine relations after the EuroMaidan and signature of the Association Agreement and Crimean c! risis.


EU Study Days online broadcasting


Several EU Study Days lectures will be broadcasted online, allowing anyone who is interested to join in the experience. The lectures can be followed on the EU Study Days blog at eustudydays.blogspot.comThe preliminary schedule of the lectures broadcasted online is as follows:


Thursday 3 April,


14:15 – 15:00, Volodymyr Yermolenko, EU Study Days moderator, presented an expert view of EU - Ukraine relations.


15:00  16:15, Jan Tombinski, Ambassador, Head of EU Delegation to Ukraine, will speak about Brussels’ vision of EU-Ukraine relations at the current stage.


NB. The lecture of the EU Ambassador will be conducted in English with! out translation.


EU Study Days lectures will be also broadcasted at the EU Information Centre in Kherson. The Centre is located on the premises of Kherson State University (40 years Zhovtnya, 2). The EU Information Centre in Kherson can be reached via phone at: (097) 42-37-955. The contact person is Anastasia Kulyk.


More information on EU Study Days can be obtained from the EU Study Days team at eustudydays@gmail.comtel: 097 321 47 30 as well as on the website: Facebook: and on Vkontakte:


EU Study Days is a project of the EU Delegation to Ukraine run by the Centre for Ukrainian Reform Education (CURE).