Belarusian Not-for-Profit Law Forum in Vilnius

On 23-24 May in Vilnius, the Belarusian Not-for-Profit Law Forum will be held. In the frames of the Forum, about hundred lawyers and heads of NGOs will discuss modern challenges and tendencies in the sphere of freedom of association and regulation of non-governmental organizations, as well as prospects of improving the Belarusian legislation in this field. Experts from Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Slovakia will participate in the event.

The Forum is organized by European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (Hungary), NGO Law Institute (Lithuania), Assembly of Pro-Democratic NGOs of Belarus(Belarus/Lithuania) and Legal Transformation Centre (Belarus).

In the frames of the Forum, Guidelines on Freedom of Association recently adopted by OSCE/ODIHR and Council of Europe’s Venice Commission will be presented.

During the event, 9 thematic parallel panels will be held at which the following issues are to be discussed: the results of the second round of the UN Universal Periodic Review undergone by Belarus recently; implementation of the UN Human Rights Committee conclusions on the freedom of association violations in Belarus; experience and prospects of the civil sector self-regulation; legal and political consequences of Belarusian NGOs’ registration abroad; financial sustainability of Belarusian NGOs and perspectives of the legislation on charity development. Apart from that, professional training of NGO lawyers and media coverage of legal issues will be discussed.

During the second day of the Belarusian Not-for-Profit Law Forum in Vilnius,presentations of several projects, researches and new mechanisms that can be used to enhance the legal environment of NGOs will be held.
In case you would like to receive more information about the Forum, please contact us at or call +375 29 6414347.