BBC election coverage training for Ukrainian journalists

Ahead of the Ukrainian Presidential election due to take place 25 May 2014, the BBC is organising a training workshop dedicated to election coverage for Ukrainian media professionals, as part of the EU-funded Media Neighbourhood Project.

The 3-day workshop for reporters and editors, to be held in Kyiv on 14-16 April, will seek to instil the basic skills and techniques necessary to deliver fair and objective election coverage and to serve the needs of the electorate by providing unbiased, balanced information on all candidates. The deadline for applications is 19 March.
All training sessions will combine theoretical and practical work with special emphasis on balance and language:
• Theoretical issues: the principles of objective and balanced reporting; the role of the journalist in society; working within media law frameworks (including libel and copyright issues); audience requirements; finding news (importance of checking information sources and facts); news values; editorial ethics and safety issues.
• Practical skills: script writing; package making; camerawork; editing video and audio; sound recording; producing outputs for multiple platforms; live broadcasting; interviewing skills; teamwork and presentation skills; creating relationships with politicians; opinion polls; accurate quoting and attribution; effective news management during election campaigns (timetables, diaries, contact and research systems).
• Specific Elections coverage skills to be reviewed during the workshop: Language: loaded phrases, clichés and jargon can damage the bond of trust which should exist between the community and the media. Sources: voices from different sections of the community will tell the full story. Viewpoint: stories should transcend personal experience and majority interests.Context: journalists should focus on processes rather than events. Balance: extreme voices must be countered with rational voices. Knowledge: media professionals need to improve their own understanding of electoral issues. Avoiding the party line: the journalist should not simply regurgitate manifestos but demonstrate how they affect the various sectors of the community.
The training will be delivered by a team of two international project experts and will be carried out in Ukrainian/Russian via an interpreter.
The project can only accept applications from journalists who have NOT previously attended a Media Neighbourhood workshop or been selected to attend in the nearest future.
Media Neighbourhood is a three-year training programme for journalists, editors and managers from broadcast, print and online. It is funded by the European Union and delivered by a consortium led by BBC Media Action. It is one of three projects funded under the EU's Regional Communication Programme.
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