Global Week of Action for a World Parliament


During the third Global Week of Action for a World Parliament from 15-25 October 2015, citizens and civil society groups around the world will organize activities and events to call for the establishment of a world parliament.

The success of promoting a world parliament during the Global Week of Action depends on your contribution.


Here are some examples for what you could do:


Facebook and Twitter: This is very easy. Like and share the Global Week of Action’sFacebook  and Twitter pages and posts.


Pictures: Take a picture of yourself or a group of people holding a paper or banner with the Week of Action’s slogan “World Parliament Now!” and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. Especially cool are pictures taken in front of well-known landmarks but one in your kitchen would do just as well. Here are examples.


Hashtag: Include the Week of Action’s hashtag #worldparlnow in any of your posts.


Ask for support: Call on prominent people, your local member of parliament, or whoever you think should endorse a world parliament to do so and address them via Facebook, Twitter tweets, or by ordinary email. You could ask them to endorse the Global Week of Action and/or the international appeal for a UN Parliamentary Assembly.


Sign appeal: To show your support for a pragmatic step towards a world parliament,sign the international appeal for a UN Parliamentary Assembly and ask others to do so as well.


Events: Organize public events, panel discussions or demonstrations at a university, public square, social center, national parliament, municipal assembly, etc.


Model Parliament: Organize a model global parliament, for example at your local college or university. Here is an example from Australia.


Join the network: Join the Global Week of Action’s coordination network and subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to There are regular international calls to share plans, ideas and experience.


Broaden the network: Spread the word and inform local groups, civil society organizations, NGOs, political parties, etc., about the Global Week of Action and ask them to help promote a world parliament.


Finally, tell us about your plans so that we know what will be going on. This will help build momentum. In particular, we would like to add events to the international map on this website. Email us at or fill out Feedback form