The prospects of the Visa-Free Europe Coalition activity

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On July 2, 2012 in the building of Stefan Batory Foundation in Warsaw (Poland), with the support of latter a working meeting of the members of the organizations involved in the Visa-Free Europe Coalition (more than 30 organizations, including Ukraine) took place. The event was attended by His Excellency, Ambassador of The Republic of Moldova in Warsaw, also representatives from Center for European Politics, European Stability Initiative (Belgium) also other civil society leaders from Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovak Republic, Romania, Poland and Russia participated in the discussion.



A working meeting of the Coalition aimed to discuss the strategy, main goals and principles of its future activities, directed to the conduction of anti-visa campaign in the EaP countries and inside of the EU. It also aimed to elaborate appropriate lobbying strategy of reforms, needed to be done by the EaP governments in order to make EaP countries and Russian citizens’ move freely within the Europe.  

During the event, EaP experts presented the current state of play in their countries and progress achieved in visa dialogue with the EU in each of country. In one of the panel discussion the prospects and plans of future Coalition activities, including events to be held in the coming months were discussed.

This expert meeting resulted in outlining by its participants of three main tactical and practical activity dimensions:

1.     Working out a newsletter (internal and external), which will include analysis of all the current events and trends in visa and migration areas. The information will be formed according to the progress achieved in the domestic development and visa dialogue each of the EaP country.

2.     Establishing by each of the Coalition member cooperation with partners in the EU or with the EU member states, which are most reluctant to visa liberalisation processes in the EaP countries and Russia.

3.    Planning and carrying out anti-visa campaigns with the involvement of those Coalition members, dealing with this kind of activities.



During the working group meeting participants discussed tactical and practical issues of the Coalitions activity. The practical tool will be reflected in different meetings with the participation of Coalition members, representatives from local authorities, mass medias and European Union’s decision makers’. This kind of meeting will be held as a chain of events in different EaP countries during one and a half of month (for example: Warsaw, Minsk, Kyiv, Chisinau, and Tbilisi). The key messages of each of the event will be shaped according to the domestic context each of the EaP country. From one side, the main purpose of these meetings will be to raise awareness of the European society, from the other  -  to address competent messages to the EU decision makers.