The Association Agreement: A Pearl of Great Value at Risk of Loss

| Civic Expert Council within Ukrainian Part of The EU-Ukraine Cooperation Committee

This policy brief is prepared by the members of Civic Expert Council within Ukrainian part of the EU-Ukraine cooperation Committee, the activities of which are realised within two projects: "Ukraine's EU integration policy platform, implemented within a framework of "National Initiatives to Enhance Reforms" (UNITER), which is carried out by Pact in Ukraine with the support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Creation of Ukraine's EU integration policy platform within Civic expert council activity, supported by the International Renaissance Foundation, and under the coordination of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation. Policy brief was prepared using the information provided by the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine.

The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement text processing is almost complete. Under  favorable  circumstances,  in  the  span  of  this  year,  the  Agreemen could  become  a  signpost  for  socially  important  reforms,  ensuring  the
irreversibility of Ukraine's European integration, confirming the final choice in favor of the European model of social and economic development. Yet, political  risks  arising  from  erosion  of  democracy  in  Ukraine,  question  the results of the negotiation process and further progress.  
At  the  moment  the  full  understanding  of  the  Agreement’s  meaning  is crucial for estimation of the scale of possible losses for Ukraine's future, if the Association Agreement with the EU will be blocked for a long time. 

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