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POPULAR uprising in Ukraine. In Ukraine, on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the Orange Revolution,23 on 21 November 2013, protesters took to the streets after the government of then President Viktor Yanukovych postponed the signing of a free trade agreement with Europe in order to pursue closer relations with Russia.

30-05-2014 Ukraine | Politics & Policies | Analytics | Information Materials

Civic Space prepared the 4 issue of English speaking specialized digests 'Ukraine-Elections 2014'. On Portal "Civic Space" created a special section of the coverage of the presidential elections in 2014.

20-05-2014 Ukraine | Politics & Policies | EU

Security policy, European integration, relations with the Customs Union, Russia and other geo-political organizations play an important role not only on the foreign policy agenda but also in the domestic political situation.

19-05-2014 Ukraine | Politics & Policies | Third Sector

The issue No.2 of Your Choice-2014 Bulletin analyzes positions of presidential candidates, Mykhailo Dobkin, Petro Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, Serhiy Tihipko, Oleg Tyahnybok, and Dmytro Yarosh, on social and healthcare policies.

05-05-2014 Ukraine | Politics & Policies | Third Sector

Current presidential election campaign is conducted in the most difficult conditions for the whole history of independent Ukraine. The constant external threat, instable situation in eastern oblasts, and impossibility to organize the election process in Crimea – are only a part of challenges, faced by this year's electoral process. Despite such complicated conditions, the Central Election Commission has managed to approve the membership of district election commissions in time. Most of them have started their activities this week, and some candidates have launched their active election campaigns. However, we still need to minimize possible development of scenarios aimed to disrupt the voting process on May 25.

05-05-2014 Ukraine | Politics & Policies | Third Sector

Despite the tight time constraints of the election campaign, the formation of district election commissions and beginning of their activities were accompanied by the certain difficulties, although within the effective legislation and calendar plan. Within the established time limits, the CEC has created and maximally used its powers to regulate electoral issues, caused by military aggression of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine.

05-05-2014 Ukraine | Odessa | Security | Newsletters & Bulletins

The May 2nd events in Odesa have become a tragedy for all Ukraine. On that day a group of organized and armed pro-Russian supporters attacked a peaceful rally for the unity of Ukraine which had gathered the central square in Odesa. A street fight erupted. The pro-Russian side began shooting at the unarmed demonstrators under the cover of police, some people were burnt in a building. Total number of dead is over 40 people. Last week the anti-terrorist operation in the Eastern regions of Ukraine was stepped up into an active phase. It continues now.

09-04-2014 Ukraine | Human Rights | Third Sector | Reports

This special report contains the materials received and accumulated by Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights under the proceedings started on 30 November 2013. During this brief period of time, Ukraine saw the events of not only unprecedented importance, but also of tragic nature, given the large number of victims and the scope of human rights infringement. As the Commissioner, I did not remain a mere observer neither of the active mass protests, nor of the actions undertaken by the authorities.

03-04-2014 Ukraine | Humanitarian and Social Issues | Politics & Policies | Third Sector | Research | Study Materials

This study is first in a series of policy briefs on Europe and its neighbours in the east and west. In thisseries we will publish papers commissioned or produced by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in the frameworkof its work in this field. This policybrief is the product of the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s cooperation withthe Warsaw-based Institute of Public Affairs. The text was complted on 17 of February 2014.

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In 1949 the International Committee of the Red Cross in conjunction with the international community established the Geneva Convention which defined international humanitarian law in the prosecution of war. This Convention was written in response to the atrocities of the World War II in order to establish the legal and moral boundaries of modern warfare. It was ratified by 195 countries including the then Soviet Union.

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