29-08-2014 Ukraine | Politics & Policies | Security

Drastic changes removing some risks of political instability and unpredictability of government political decisions have occurred in the monitoring period (February-August 2014). This raises the question of the steps and pace of transformations rather than a civilization model.

26-08-2014 Ukraine | Poland | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | Third Sector | EU

Publication Poland - Ukraine, Poles - Ukrainians. A look across the border was prepared as a part of the project The perception of Poland and Poles in Ukraine and Ukraine, Ukrainians in Poland. The project was financed by the PZU Foundation.

26-08-2014 Ukraine | Russia | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | Politics & Policies | Security | EU | NATO

Illegal Crimeas annexation by the RF and the war in the East pose challenges faced by Ukraine on the 23rd year of its new history. In the mid-90s, Ukraine could cope with the Crimean crisis and defeat separatism on the peninsula. Yet, the current events threaten the peoples life, vital reforms, and the very existence of the country, its borders and sovereignty.

18-08-2014 Ukraine | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | Analytics | Articles

What are the advantages of Association between Ukraine and EU? In this article we try to look at the main ones. When in 1991 Poland signed an Association Agreement with the European Community, its annual gross domestic product (GDP) was 90 billion dollars. Ukrainian GDP was the same at that time.

14-08-2014 Belgium | Economic Issues

Daniel Gros explores in a new CEPS Commentary the feasibility of creating a common fund to provide compensation for the economic costs of sanctions as an integral part of the EUs foreign-policy stance that is now emerging towards Russia, albeit slowly and painfully.

04-08-2014 Ukraine | Third Sector

The MH17 air-crash disaster of July 17 is likely to have a severe impact on the development of the Donbas conflict in Ukraine as well as on EU-Russia relations.

28-07-2014 Cross-Border Cooperation | Eastern Partnership | EU Foreign Policy | Institutional Issues | Politics & Policies | EU | Information Materials

In order for reforms in Eastern Partnership countries to be successful, a stronger participation of civil society is needed so as to enhance the oversight of public services and strengthen public confidence in those services. The European Union has been consistent in supporting civil society organizations in partner countries, in both political and financial terms. A new press pack from the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre highlights cooperation between the EU and its Eastern Neighbours to support civil society and provides examples of programmes on the ground.

15-07-2014 Ukraine | Third Sector

Many factors indicate that the expected decision on the October special parliamentary elections has been politically made. This is evidenced by the parliamentary regrouping, destruction of old political platforms supporting Yanukovychs regime, and launch of new projects.

11-07-2014 Ukraine | Adaptation of Legislation | Political Dialogue between Ukraine and EU | Analytics | Reviews

This paper analyses the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA). It argues that this new legal framework, which has the objective to establish a unique form of political association and economic integration, is characterised by three specific features: comprehensiveness, complexity and conditionality

11-07-2014 Ukraine | Lithuania | Adaptation of Legislation | Economic Issues | EU Law | Law

The Parliament of Ukraine recently adopted the Law on State Aid Control which is an important milestone for the development of Ukraines State aid system. The law introduces a mechanism for State aid control coordinated at central level and provides a general legal framework for this mechanism. Ukraine also signed the Association Agreement which requires introduction of state aid control system.

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