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 European Space: portal for pro-European civil society of Ukraine


‘European Space: portal for pro-European civil society of Ukraine’ is created by Information and Analytical Center "Civic Space" .

Project Goals

European Space Portal goal is to create the system of information support for the process of European integration of Ukraine. Another objective is to provide information for Ukrainian citizens about the pro-European society’s activities.

Important mission of the portal is to cover the activity of common (consolidate) initiatives of pro-European NGOs of Ukraine, united for joint search of the effective answers to challenges in the sphere of European integration of Ukraine.

European Space Portal is charged with an important mission to consolidate the pro-European NGOs on different levels by support and promotion of civic organizations’ activities in the sphere of European integration, providing information in approachable format about European Union, institutions, legal principles, specifics of integration policy of government authorities.

  Project’s permanent goals are to create the system of resources provision of pro-European NGOs’ activities, improvement and development of pro-European initiatives, providing tools for presentation of the results of Ukrainian institutions and agencies’ work in the sphere of European  integration. 


  The portal’s audience is quite broad, as long as the main direction is European integration, which is a topical issue, interesting for many groups of readers.  Among them are representatives of civic organizations, analytical institutions, politicum, cultural and educational centres, students and individual citizens, interested in European problematics.


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